ULI Forte - UEFA Pro Licensed Football Coach

Welcome, willkommen, benvenuto, bienvenue, bienvenida, bem-vindo ...

Uli Forte is a manager unlike any other. He is a manager who stands out above the rest – whose character is something unique. Getting to know Uli Forte as both a manager and a person is like opening a book and discovering a story that unfolds over many chapters. Uli Forte never forgets the human side to coaching – and this is one of his strengths. He maintains an unwavering sense of respect towards his players, the fans and the club alike. This requires a sympathetic ear plus the ability to listen, take people's thoughts seriously, and put forward arguments objectively. Uli Forte can do all this – and in six languages. He has a deep understanding of each player as well as a cosmopolitan yet down-to-earth attitude. What's more, he maintains a sharp focus on club goals and never lets himself be knocked off course. He challenges both himself and those around him to give their very best performance, and he encourages his players. A smart strategist, he is always thinking about the path towards his goals, and he approaches his work with a sense of ambition – ultimately achieving success. But Uli Forte also sets his sights beyond local limits. He sits in on top European clubs, takes a meticulous look at their strategies, continuously develops his skills and never rests on his laurels. In short, he's always writing new chapters in his story.

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